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Cloud Shadows

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Adding animated cloud shadows is a quick, easy and effective way to breath extra life into any outdoor environment. This asset is perfectly suited for top-down strategy or city-building games, but also looks great from other viewpoints and in other type of games.

Main Features


The layer system enables you to customize the effect so that it matches the visual style of your project seamlessly

Editor preview

The cloud shadows are previewed inside the Unity scene editor, so tweaking is easy and straightforward

Easy to use

Includes several ready-to-use prefabs and full documentation


Designed with performance in mind, zero allocation during run-time

Open Source

Full source code is included

  • Supported Platforms: Standalone (PC, Mac, Linux), WebGL, Mobile, Virtual Reality
  • Rendering Paths: Forward and Deferred
  • The scene needs to contain a Directional Light which is used to simulate sunlight
  • This directional light needs to be rendered in real-time, baked light maps are not supported for this light (other lights can still use light maps)